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Who doesn’t love summer? Warm temperatures, cold treats, and all the best events happen in the summer. And what a great time to open your windows and take in some fresh air- except you’re letting in all of the flies, too. Yuck!

So aside from being annoying, what’s wrong with flies? Here’s a short list:

They defecate on almost everything they touch
They spit out saliva and stomach contents onto their food
Flies breed in decaying garbage and excrement
E. coli, typhoid, leprosy,Pest control Naples fl and polio are carried by flies
Additionally, a female house fly can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime, meaning they will pester you for generations. Just think, that nuisance fly that is tasting your neck is probably the great-granddaughter of a fly that landed in your dinner not too long ago. (By the way, flies taste with hairs on their feet, so just let that sink in)

It’s a good thing for you that we have some tips on how to keep flies out of your home or wherever you might be. We recommend that you:

Keep your home clean. Don’t let food and waste sit out in the open- discard it. Do dishes daily.
Keep food storage sealed in plastic containers.
Use trash containers that have tight fitting lids.
Eliminate excess moisture from leaks or over-watering.
Install high quality,Pest control Naples fl tightly meshed screens on windows and doors, especially those that you intend to keep open for lengths of time.
Clean up after your pets or other animals.
Do your composting away from the home. The more distance you put between the compost and your home, the better. (Flies are actually beneficial for this process as they help recycle organic materials).
The main thing to remember is to keep your house tight and keep it clean. Before you take on a project that might be dirty in or around your house Pest control Naples fl, make plans to clean up ASAP. And if you are still struggling to knock them back, there are a variety of sprays, baits, and traps to help deal with house flies. You can find out more about these by contacting your local pest management professional.


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